Mataró will provide advice to the Camí del Mig school

The October plenary session of the Mataró City Council (Maresme) unanimously approved a resolution proposal to improve the canteen service of the Camí del Mig School. The debate was not free of controversy because of the dialectic confrontation between the councilor of Education, Pere Galbany and the socialist spokesman and former mayor, Joan Antoni Baron, who is also a teacher of the center affected by the transfer of the dining room.

Despite insisting that the municipality is not the responsible administration, the local government will guarantee the stable legal city council to the fathers and mothers to resolve and normalize again the school dining room service and will study formulas to “negotiate the deferred payment of the debt with the Social Security “that along with other creditors, for the moment, have a cumulative debt of 350,000 euros.

The controversy arose in the plenary when the Councilor for Education, Pere Galbany, referred to the professional and personal relationship of people who once had decision-making power, with the school and the Ampa. The insinuation enervated Josep Antoni Baron, former mayor and teacher of the Camí del Mig school for thirty years who accused the “unworthiness” of the words of Galbany. The former mayor recalled that who had informed in first instance of the economic hole of the AMPA had been the direction of the school.

Police investigation
Baron’s statement outraged the mayor, Joan Mora, who in the post-plenary press conference replied: “If the school discovered the debt, he did not tell anyone,” he cut off bluntly, recalling that the executive was aware of the problem when the Social Security required the Consell Comarcal and the City Council the documentation to seize AMPA subsidies and in parallel, the Mossos requested a series of documents to open an investigation because of the complaint of one of the affected parents.

The mayor, Joan Mora, laments the “demagogy and populism” of some local politicians, who take advantage of the economic crisis of the entity to obtain electoral revenue when “our priority is that children have a plate on the table.” Thus, he recalled the negative reports that make it impossible for the City to rescue the entity as legally “can not take over the debt” as suggested by some parties. “No official is willing to sign a report that says we should intervene economically in the Camí del Mig, it would be illegal,” Mora said.

The mayor also acknowledged that the investigation opened by the Mossos d’Esquadra is increasingly thorough because they have not been able to collect all the precise documentation since “computers, documentation, records and accounting disappeared” from the offices that the Ampa had at school. “We can not do demagoguery, we are facing a first level legal problem,” Mora insisted, warning that once it is resolved, he will not hesitate to “go to the end to ask for responsibilities” and pointed out that, if it is shown that there are officials implied “will open file” and that if there are other responsible, does not rule out going to court to denounce them. The mayor concluded that “the investigation may be slow, but the outcome will be implacable.”