ERC supports the new financing model and assumes that Catalonia will reach 3,855 million euros in 2012

After many deliberations and pressures, the executive of ERC has decided to support the new financing model proposed by the Government considering that Catalonia exceeds the “minimum bar” of 3,800 million euros (in particular, 3,855) and be placed 5 points above the average in the ranking of the Communities (105.6).

The president of ERC, Joan Puigcercós , has made known the “yes” of his party to the new system, after an extraordinary meeting of the executive, which lasted two and a half hours, and in which it has been estimated that the proposal Government revenue exceeds the figure for the Generalitat of 3 additional 800 million euros in the last year of implementation (2012).

This figure had been placed as a “minimum bar” by ERC for some days, together with the guarantee that Catalonia would be located five points above the average in the ranking of income per capita of the Autonomous Communities, after being applied the various funds inherent in the new financing system.

According to your data, Catalonia will be from the first year “slightly” above the per capita income of all Autonomous Communities, to reach 105% in the last year , another of the claims of the Republicans.

ERC took the decision shortly after the economic vice president, Elena Salgado , announced that the new model of regional funding will provide the set of autonomies additional resources slightly higher than 11,000 million euros in 2012, when fully implemented.

According to Puigcercós, who has described as “historic” today, the 3,855 million euros obtained in the fourth year of application of the new model, added to the investments in infrastructure provided in the third additional provision of the Statute, reach the total figure of 5,000 million euros , and this, he assured, means reducing by one third the fiscal deficit of Catalonia with the State.

The approval of the new model by the executive of ERC has not been an easy or unanimous decision, because in the vote the result has been 27 favorable votes, 10 contrary and 4 blank. In addition, Puigcercós has pointed out that the “yes” of his party is conditioned to the verification that the agreement reached is fully reflected in the written text of reform of the Organic Law for the Financing of Autonomous Communities (LOFCA).

“We will be attentive to this,” he pointed out, “because we are a chastened country” with the promises made from Madrid, although he has admitted that the agreement reached marks a “turning point” because from now on “people can see that, if you work and you press, the policy is useful, and we have stood up to the State and we have won. “

In the brief appearance of Puigcercós before the media, the maximum leader of ERC has underlined the work and efforts made from his party to reach an agreement that “is good”, he said, and represents a historic achievement, “because For the first time since the restoration of democracy, Catalonia will be above the average in the ranking of Communities. ”
He also pointed out that by the fourth year of application of the new system, the resources obtained from the ceded taxes “will be consolidated” although it is not the “definitive system” that, for ERC, “remains the economic agreement, and better yet, the independence of Catalonia “.

In internal key, and thinking especially in the sectors of Esquerra that would have wanted to go beyond the reached agreement, Puigcercós has indicated that “it is a decision taken thinking of the country” and “not in the party” and has ensured that it was “the limit that we could reach with the State”.

Puigcercós, who has appeared before the journalists exultant and that has been very applauded by the members of the executive, has indicated that “now we begin a new stage”, in which the Catalan government will have many more resources to apply the “ambitious” laws “That has approved, and at the same time, facing the exit of the economic crisis” working in favor of families and companies “.

The “yes” of the executive of ERC will enable the Catalan government as a whole to approve the new system and that the Minister of Economy, Antoni Castells, can move this position next Wednesday at the meeting of the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council.